Debbie Salmon

Artist Statement

Painting is like problem solving, how do you put down on canvas what is in your head, what is it that inspires you in such a way that it comes through. I think that's why I am obsessed and on a mission to get better. I will never reach a point where I am totally satisfied with my work, that's the challenge. I am fueled by light and shadow, colour and design. If you are reading this, it's perhaps an indication of your interest in my work! I am honoured! Thank you!


Artist Bio

Deb studied Graphics and Communications at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Fine Arts evening courses at the University of Concordia (Montreal). She has been painting since her early teens and is diverse in both subject and media, painting in oil and acrylic.

She began her art career at a textile company in Burnaby, where she made logos and drew caricatures to be silkscreened on t-shirts, caps and jackets and sometimes sports bags. Three years later, Deb accepted a job as a Creative Ad Designer at one of the large newspaper chains in Vancouver, Black Press. She moved to beautiful Union Bay in 1992, where she continued her career as a Creative Ad Designer at the Comox Valley Record as well as continuing her love of art, painting on canvas. 

Deb exhibits her art work in shows, studio tours and by appointment.

Deb paints mostly in oil and acrylic and is diverse in both subject and media. She loves to create unique paintings with her artistic inspirations mostly from our beautiful Island, road trips, vacations and our furry friends, along with a little dash of embellishments. 

Deb's goals in life is to be happy and have inner peace as much as possible everyday, and she strives to express her positive feeling through her art. 

Science has proven that looking at a work of art actually improves your mood.

“Art and life is a masterpiece”

Deb can be contacted by email